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Horyzonty Polityki Tom 6 Nr 15 (2015): Dehumanizacja adwersarza politycznego - Recenzje / Reviews
Torrance, D., 2014, 100 Days of Hope and Fear. How Scotland’s Independence Referendum was Lost and Won, Luath Press Limited, Edinburgh, pp. 192.
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Horyzonty Polityki Tom 6 Nr 17 (2015): European Economy and Geopolitics - Recenzje / Reviews
Colley, L., 2014, Acts of Union. Acts of Disunion , Profile Books Ltd., London, pp. 192.
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Horyzonty Polityki Tom 7 Nr 21 (2016): Secularization of Political Thought in Russia: from the "Right of Existence" to the Empire and Geopolitics - Recenzje / Reviews
Habermas, J., 2015, The Lure of Technocracy (Original title: Im Sog der Technocratie; trans. from German C. Cronin), Polity Press, Cambridge-Malden, pp. XI + 176.
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