Ciało ludzkie okiem medyka

Bogdan Podsiedlik


The aim of the article was to show how a medical doctor perceives human body. The author based his refl ections on his own experience of working as a doctor for more than thirty years, and earlier of being a medical student. The article shows how beginning with the studies at the Faculty of Medicine, through his career, his understanding and look at man through the prism of his body, i.e. his whole biophysiochemical structure has been evolving. The article also shows how particular medical sciences interpret human body, unfortunately often like an object. The second part of the article appears equally valuable since the author presents his struggle with the body, i.e. resuscitation treatment. One case here reveals his struggle and unfortunately helplessness as a doctor in bringing back to life his own friend. However, the second case is more cheerful; passenger’s life was saved on a plane. The refl ections undertaken in the article prove that although some medical sciences present the body purely like an object, indeed a lot depends on a doctor and his sensitivity to other people, his subjective perception of human body.

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